Wednesday, November 19

Sergeant Strictly and the Case of the Two Left Feet

"John Sergeant has quit Strictly Come Dancing - The former political journalist has come under severe criticism in recent weeks for his dancing skills and remaining in the competition when better dancers were voted off."

I'm no big fan, I watch it occasionally, I'm no dancer BUT I am a license payer...
The dance world (whatever that is) is seriously in danger of disappearing up it's own arse or more likely up Craig Revel Horwood's arse. If it was not for the very 'celebrity factor' that is keeping Sergeant in the competition the show would not exist and the four trumped up judges would be back in their boxes doing whatever it is they do.

"this is a dancing competition" they wail, WRONG!! Come Dancing was a dancing competition and it was crap - it died a death years ago. Strictly is a celebrity reality show and the TV audiences infatuation with celebrity is what is keeping the show alive.

EVERY one of the couples to a greater or lesser degree receives votes for their celebrity status AND NOT for their dancing - why should Sergeant come under fire week after week for being more popular?

Without doubt the show has lost something for Sergeant quitting (who can forget the teddy bear dragging stomp) and those who take a cut off the phone voting revenues have certainly lost out (I just hope this includes the judges).

OH YES, those phone revenues. Are the voting millions going to get a refund, having voted week after week to keep their favourite in only to see him essentially embarrassed (by the judges) into quitting the show?

Every single realty show depends upon people power for its financial and ratings success. Strictly, no matter how self important the judges become is no different.

Why on earth did he not just get his celbrity stunt double to take over?

------Jo Brand

John Sergeant-----

have we ever seen them together in the same room?

Saturday, November 15

so close, yet so far

Seems like my last post was premature!

Donny play well, the game was close, they lose.

Monday, May 26

donny, donny, donny...

OK so at best I can only claim to be a fair weather supporter, but hey donny are in the midst of a footy indian summer so what the hell, I'm making hay whilst the sun shines!

Donny hold the dubious records for the most wins in a league season (33 in 1946-47) and in 1997-98, they also set the record for losses in a season, suffering the humiliation of enduring a record 34 league defeats as they finished bottom of Division Three and went into the Football Conference and there we laboured for 5 long years, playing teams such as 'Leigh Railway Mechanics Institute Football Club'!

So to find ourselves after a meteoric rise through the leagues, beating Leeds United at Wembley to climb to the heady heights of the Championship is something bordering on the miraculous!

Who knows, I may even pay to see a game!